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     Personal training is the most progressive type of learning how to box.  

Training under the guidance of a professional personal coach is becoming more popular every day because this form of training provides for the best outcome and safety of your training process.

Only an experienced instructor can see your weak points, set up an efficient training programme and help you reach the goal as soon as possible.

    A personal trainer only works with only one person at the same time.


 The preferences of individual training sum up as follows:

1. Classes (individual training) are adjusted to your needs and objectives.

2. You can freely pick the most convenient time for your training.

3. The pace, the speed, the level of proficiency.

4. The effectiveness of individual training according to the VIP Boxing ValBor method is 10 to 20 times higher than training in an overcrowded sports hall.

5. You receive your trainers constant attention. The physical work-out, its intensity and volume is fitted exclusively for your needs taking into account your current functional abilities.

6. Training takes place in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. The effectiveness of training is directly connected with the emotional background in the sports hall.

7. Individual training allows for instant correction of technical shortcomings. When you are working out in a group, your slips may go unnoticed and it is impossible to correct them quickly, which means errors tend to become a habit.

8. You can acquire medical self-control.

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